SundayIMG_3719.JPG gifted us with warm weather and fair winds! was calling for 15-20 mph winds and 25 mph gusts. After our morning chores (which are seeming endless in the world of boat ownership), we were able to get the kids and dogs on Merin Neva for some wind play!

Undoubtedly, we were experiencing at least 25 mph gusts! For the kids sake we set just the main initially. She filled fiercely and sailed us up the lake a beautiful starboard close haul tack. We cruised at about 5 knots and dropped about knot during the lulls between gusts. We forgot to pull one of the bumpers up , so the kids gathered around to catch spray as we “crashed” over our mini waves! This was a good sign to Captain that we could safely let out the jib without overwhelming the crew. At 3/4 jib we reached near hull speed at a thrilling 7 knots. We continued to get a little spray after we pulled the bumper.

IMG_3705.JPGYoung Kemp would have loved an afternoon nap, but the heeling kept him alert and happy. Wave Kept a look out for water fowl, fishermen, and floating debris (logs from up river), while Jack kept concentrated on his point sail happily at the helm. Our furry crew, Bella and Frankie, held their positions resting nicely on top of the jib lines. It was great pre-frontal Rocky Mountain Spring Sailing. Sail Durango!