Learn to SAIL COLORADO by taking Basic Keelboat SAILING with American Sailing Association Certified Instructors

Whether sailing is a lifelong dream, or you are preparing a trip to an exotic island and want to get sea legs beneath you before you go, we can get you ready. We will teach you all the basics for sailing a sloop, points of sail, important sailing drills, mooring, docking, anchoring, knot basics and weather 101. When you are finished our course you will be one step closer to your goal. Learn to SAIL COLORADO will be a valuable experience for any aspiring sailor!

Peaks and Tides offers Children’s Programs, Adult Lessons, and Couples Classes. Please visit our for more information.

To make a reservations, please email us at or call 970-903-6036, or 970-759-3604 for more information!

Youth Learn to Sail Colorado

Sail Colorado