Pre-Sail Low-Down!

Before you begin your adventure, we would like to remind you of a couple things:


  1. Sailing is a sport! IF you are on a cruise with us, we may ask you to assist us in the handling of the boat. This may be steering the boat, working a sheet line, catching a dock line, keeping a lookout, or reading an instrument. We will give an orientation of the boat and explain and demonstrate any task prior to requesting assistance. If you are not interested in being a part of the boat operations, we ask you to let your Captain know that you prefer to be a passenger, not crew. We love our passengers just as much as we love our crew!


  1. We have PFD’s for you. If you prefer your own, you are welcome to bring it.


  1. You will be on the water! Please plan accordingly by packing your Sunglasses, Sunhat, Sunscreen, a light rain jacket, and a water bottle. If you forget to bring any of these things you may need to walk the plank.

(Just kidding, we have plenty of extras!)